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Visible Lamp Arc Monitor

By making some improvements, it became a more
user-friendly, extensively feature-rich model
with better performance.

What's New?
Improved AM filter to match reference solar light from 300nm.
Easy attachment and detachment of AM filter from outside.
2 slots are prepared, band pass filter or dimmer mesh
   filter can be added.
Remote shutter control is possible with easy connection
   with source meter (Keithley 2400).

Effective irradiance area: 50mm x 50mm
Selectable irradiation direction (up, down, left, right)
    by rotating lens unit
With the additionof two 'Lamp arc monitor', now
    optical axis adjustment is very easy.
Further adding two filter slots, plural optical filters
    can be used at the same time.
Power input range (200-240V)
AAA class
   Certified JIS 8912 / IEC 60904-9 (2007) / ASTM

For inspection / measurement of a solar cell.
For inspection / evaluation of LCD.
For experiment of optical science
For the light resistance test of various material.

Dimming Mesh Filter (optional item)
Fixing percentage dimming mesh filters:
75%,70% , 60% , 50% ,40% , 30% , 20% , 10%
can be choosed.

Bandpass Filter (optional item)
We provide dedicated holder for 50mm T2mm filter.

Selectable irradiation direction (up, down, left, right) by rotating lens unit.

Spectral Graph

Spectral Mismatch