Industrial source of light device
West Japan Railway , East Japan Railway . Toyota Motor
Honda Motor , Fuji Photo Film , Sony , Matsushita Electric Industrial
Konica Minolta Holdings , Olympus , Sanyo Electric , Sharp
Seiko , Citizen Watch , Omron , Pioneer , Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Funai Electric , Maeda Seisakusho , Mitsui High-tec , Nisshinbo
Moritex , Kobe Steel , Nihon Denkei
(In any order)
china , South Korea , Taiwan , Singapore

Source of light device for academic pursuits
• Advanced Industrial Science And Technology(AIST)
• National Institute for Materials Science
• Japan Science and Techology Agency
• National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
• Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology
• Tokyo Institute of Technology
• Kyoto University
• Hokkaido University
• The University of Electro-Communications

Stage lighting relation

Since 1964, our products are adopted to theaters, auditoriums, and public facilities in and out of Japan. From 500W for small stages to 4000W for big theaters are ready. All of follow spots and pin spots that we offer are made by us. We offer commuters as well.

It is adopted in facilities of about 90% or more in a domestic commercial theater.
Europe(UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, poland)
Asia(China , South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam)
The United States (USA and Canada)
Oceania(Australia and New Zealand)
 ・It is adopted in communal facilities in a domestic and foreign commercial theater,
the TV station, and the citizens hall, etc.