There is a list of frequently asked questions and answers, so please feel free to refer them.

Please talk to us freely about products, how to use, feature and custom-made. Let us handle about the products and devices with light sources. We provide custom-made service for your benefit.

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Does SAN-EI have a machine that I can use for adhesion of refined parts?
With our UVF serious and variety of fibers and lenses can work for that.
We have experiences working with big companies and have sold thousands
of our machines. Please trust and contact us.

Is it possible to provide light of specified wavelength equally to the
experiment sample?
Specified wavelength transmission filter (B and Pass Filter) with either
UVF series (small size, high power) or UVE series (80~300mm, equalized
irradiation light) can work. Based on UV energy (mj/cm²) and irradiation
diameter that customers request, output of lamp can be selected.

Can I manage and observe UV energy from several UV devices at the same time?
With UVM-MP from UVM series, it is possible. We can observe and monitor 6
devices of UV strength (mW/cu) with one UVM-MP at the maximum level.
When relay amplifier box installs, it works even though measuring instrument
and UV device are 10m far from each other.

Do you manufacture exposure devices for the silicon wafer micro machining?
We have wide experiences to make the light source of Mask aligner device for
each brand. (UVE series) We try to cooperate with Aligner device companies to
make proposal for custom-made. Our products can also work for the light
imprinter of recent nano-imprinter. Please consult with us.

I hope I can do experiments of reaction and weather ability under the solar light.
We are very proud of light source equipment(XES series) that xenon lamp,
close to the sun light spectrum, is applied. From small area to big area of
irradiation, please contact us about the solar simulator.
We are well experienced and ready.