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Exposure Equipment

 UVE Series Catalog (4.1MB)

Optical design that is small but powerful
High stability, long durability, ozoneless lamp
Possible to decide wavelength range based on the application
Automatic system with remote control
Full effort of anti-noise system
Variable is possible for an irradiation head every 90 degrees.
The lamp arc monitor makes adjustment of optic axis very simple in the time of lamp replacement.


 UV bonding

The sealing of opposing liquid crystal, etc.
Adhesion of CD,DVD drives' pick up lenses and
components of electronic machines.

 Photo resist

Many exposure patterns of micro devices (transistor,
lead frame)
Extra : an exposure light source for silicon wafer,
varies kinds of optical experiments.

The ultra-high pressure mercury lamp, from 250W to 2000W, with high quality integrator lens and collimated lens is possible to transmit UV uniform to the surface of irradiation. There is variety of irradiation parts. It is possible to make filters based on the customer's need. We also have semiconductor ware, exposure parts for crystal osilator, light source for mask alignment, different kinds of optics, equipment for the exposure experiment and so on.

For the ones whose maximum output is over 2kw or whose maximum area is over 300mmΦ,uniform irradiation is possible with high quality integrator lens and high precision collimation mirrors together. Please consult with us.

About the wavelength range (Using Super high pressure mercury lamp)

Optical System

Ultra-high pressure mercury lamp
Ellipse Collection Mirror
Plane Reflective Mirror1
Integrator Lens
Plane Reflective Mirror2
Collimated Lens

Concentrate the UV, radiated from, radiated from (1) the Ultra-high pressure mercury lamp, on (2) the Ellipse collection mirror. Change the direction of irradiation to the horizontality at (3) the Flat reflective mirror No.1 and then do the incidence to (4) the integrator lens.

After making the distribution of the intensity of illumination uniform on the integrator lens, change the direction of irradiation to the verticality at (5) the Flat reflective mirror No. 2 and do incidence to (6) the collimated lens.

Make the UV distribution of the intensity of illumination uniform and parallel with (6) the collimated lens.

When the surface of irradiation is parallel and uniform, do the incidence.

Data of UV Intensity

Measurem : UVP-365JW       Measuring Wavelength : 365nm         Unit : mW/cm²

*1 Diameter of each irradiation unit's effective irradiation.

Light Source Unit External Dimension

Please refer to a PDF catalog below which includes the detailed data of
Light Source Unit External Dimention.

 UVE Series Catalog (4.1MB)

Power Supply Unit External DimensionESpecifications

Shutter Functions • Hand Motion & Timer-Control (0.1S-9990Hr)
Adjustment of
  Light Quantity
• By changing the power of lamp (70-100%)
• With a lamp input power display function
Lighting Time Display Function • Accumulated lighting time display (with Lamp Life Display)
Remote Functions • Power Input Signal, Lighting Signal
• Shutter Timer Starting Signal
• Shutter Manual Input Signal
Monitor Functions • Shutter Opening Signal, Shutter Closing Signal
• Lighting Signal, Stably Lighting Signal
• Over-heat Alarm, Inter-lock Alarm
• Lamp Life Alarm

 UVE Series Catalog (4.1MB)