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Highly collimated continuous solar simulators for automotive test

In recent years, new energy applications such as water splitting (hydrogen generation) and concentrated solar power (CSP) are increasing. SAN-EI offers high intensity (high flux) solar simulators for above research & measurement.

There are 2 series of high intensity (high flux) solar simulators. XES-100S(1-5Sun) can provide simulated sunlight up to 5 SUN with a new optical design based on standard models. At the same time, it can be used as a standard solar simulator (A class, 1 SUN) also. The BSW series has an optical design that focus on light collection efficiency and can provide high intensity up to 4000SUN.  *1sun=1000W/m²


High temperature materials evaluation / Lifetime aging tests for materials under high-temperature/high-flux conditions
CPV modules measurement
High-flux solar simulator for concentrated solar power (CSP)
Photochemistry/Solar thermochemistry : Photocatalst, Water splitting (solar hydrogen production)

Available beam size / irradiance

Model Beam size Irradiance Lamp
XES-100S(1-5Sun) 100mm X 100mm 1sun - 5sun 1.6KW Xenon lamp
BSW series Φ5mm - Φ70mm 100sun - 4000sun 3KW Xenon lamp


This high intensity solar simulator is designed for photochemistry using, which provides high concentrated light energy max 5 SUN.
(1 SUN =1000w/m²).
For irradiance adjustment, mesh filters are equipped, so irradiance can be switched between 1sun - 5sun arbitrarily.
Therefore, this product can be used not only as a high intensity light source but also a standard solar simulator.
Light source

Power supply

High irradiance: 1000W/m² ∼ 5000W/m²
Certified JIS C 8904-9 AAA class.
Selectable irradiation direction (up, down, left, right) by rotating lens unit
Using 1600W Xenon short arc lamp, 200V power input.

Accelerated life test / Deterioration test of solar sells.
Test of artificial photosynthesis.
Tests required by high-intensity solar light.

Adjustment of irradiance
The irradiance of 1Sun ∼ 5Sun (1000W/m² ∼ 5000W/m²) can be adjusted with the following 4 types of mesh filters. (Manual insertion / removal method) Since the light is dimmed using a mesh filter, there is little change in the spectrum.

No mesh filter 5Sun (5000W/m²)
80 mesh filter 4Sun (4000W/m²)
60 mesh filter 3Sun (3000W/m²)
40 mesh filter 2Sun (2000W/m²)
20 mesh filter 1Sun (1000W/m²)

❊Since the transmittance has an error of several percent, make fine adjustments with the variable volume of the lamp power.

Selectable irradiation direction
Since the irradiation head can be rotated 360 degrees (every 90 degrees), it is possible to irradiate in the horizontal and upward directions with one touch.

BSW Series

This product is a concentrating solar simulator by using a 3KW xenon lamp efficiently. It can be used as a heating light source for the sample, and the beam size can be adjusted from Φ5mm to Φ70mm. In case of Φ5mm, total energy can be up to 80W (equivalent to 4000sun). By adjusting the optical axis the beam can be extended up to Φ70mm and irradiance equivalent to 100sun can be obtained.

As the basic optical specifications the time variation rate can be guaranteed within ± 3%. Regarding the degree of spectrum matching, the AM1.5G or AM0 spectrum can be simulated by installing an optional AM filter.

In addition, the xenon lamp can adjust the optical axis of 3 axis, and the lamp position can be confirmed on the arc monitor.

We have helped several clients for their research.
Our clients include:

•Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Kansai
•Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering, KYOTO UNIVERSITY

Model Beam size Irradiance Lamp
BSW series Φ5mm - Φ70mm 100sun - 4000sun 3KW Xenon lamp

* 1SUN (AM1.5G, 1000W / m²) is the standard solar intensity on the earth's surface. It means, under AM1.5G conditions, the total radiant energy of sunlight in the range of 280nm (300nm) -4000nm is 1000W / m². Generally, we use a silicon crystal reference cell (spectral response range: 400nm-1100nm) to measure the intensity of solar simulator, and convert the current value of reference cell to 1000W / m².

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