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Exposure Equpment

UV photo etching type


Our uniform collimated light irradiate equipment is possible for the effective use of UV which is from the ultra high-pressure mercury lamp.

A brand new development of San-Ei, the high efficiency Twin Mirror Unit that can get the UV on any surface of irradiation is used for every product of us. In addition, high efficiency twin mirror unit is used from the standard type to the high precision type.

TCC type ••• High efficiency Twin Mirror Unit and our own development of optical unit, such as condenser lens, collimation unit, can get high collimation and uniform UV intensity.
TCP type ••• This is made with High efficiency twin mirror unit, Condenser lens, and Mirror unit for wide purpose. It is suitable for the performance test of simplified solar simulator and solar battery and the light resistance test.
TIC type ••• Integrator lens unit and collimation mirror unit that are capable of taking flatness ±3°(on both sides) and the critical dimension uniformity of intensity ±5°and high efficiency twin mirror unit are used for this type.

(TCC type and TCP type are available only at San-Ei.)


Unit type TCC type TCP type TIC type
Flatness Both angles ±5° Both angles ±12° Both angles ±3°
Irradiation uniformity *1 ±10% ±15% ±15%
Irradiation area 500mm

about  20mw/cm² about  18mw/cm² about  18mw/cm²
about  35mw/cm² about  28mw/cm² about  28mw/cm²
about  45mw/cm² about  38mw/cm² about  38mw/cm²
High efficiency twin mirror
Condenser lens
Integrator lens
Collimation mirror
Flat mirror

*1 This is the distribution rate for irradiation area 500.
*2 This is the number for wave length 365nm at the beginning.

UV resin coating type

Type EP-2000 EP-3500 EP-5000
Lamp L20001L L35001L L50001L
Lamp power 2000W 3500W 5000W
Lamp life *3 500h 400h 600h
Lamp voltage DC37V DC62V DC60V
Lamp Current DC54A DC56A DC83A
Power supply HB-2000 HB-3500 HB-5000
Input Power AC200V50/50Hz AC200V50/50Hz AC200V50/50Hz
Power consumption 2500W 4000W 5500W
Light source Size 1620(W)~1440(H)~700(D) mm
Weight about  800kg