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Selection of Ultraviolet Ray Light Source

UV ray light source can be categorized into two types: Oven-type and optic fiber usage-type. The first is suitable for printer circuit boards or bigger jobs and for handling multiple jobs at a time. The latter is suitable for smaller jobs or for processing high illumination on partial jobs using short time radiation, or when handling without giving too much heat. If you can identify the special cases below, then you can choose the most suitable light source.

The radiation range and UV intensity information of oven-type and optic fiber usage-type is listed on the attachment. It can be used for reference.

A. Size and shape of the area of UV radiation
B. Amount of UV radiation (mJ/cm²) required
C. Applied thickness (mm) of UV resin
D. UV ray uniformity of UV radiation side
E. Radiation distance (mm)
F. Radiation time span (seconds)
G. Tolerable temperature of radiated object