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Usage Examples of UV Ray Hardening

  Photo pick-up wave of CD, MD, DVD
CD/DVD photo pick-up wave

Optic components (collimater, focal lens, luminous breaker, etc.), assembly of electric devices such as magnets and magnetic head and magnetic components, formation of viscous shock absorber

  CD, MD, DVD magnetic disks
Laser disk

Fixed connection of magnetic disks and hub

  Liquid Crystal Components
Liquid Crystal

Bonding of glass foundation plate (O-ring agent), sealing (sealer) of liquid crystal inlet, securing stitches (pin leg fixing), polarity protection

  Hard disks
MR. GMR Head

Assembly of electric devices such as coils, magnets and magnetic head and magnetic components, fixed connection of hub Sealing of waft (floating) materials

  CCD Component

Bonding of color screening procedure

  Fixed connection of motor hub and coil winding terminal (end)

  Relay device, sealing of LED

  Liquid Crystal projector

Careful fixing and securing position of liquid crystal components

Other uses
Bonding of the lens of camera, photocopier, etc.
Securing electronic components during actual surface installation
Insulated protective coating of printer circuit board
Drying of UV ink (inscribing on electronic components)
Inspection of UV fluorescence scars (inspection of scars of turbine blade fan, automobile rack, and the interior of pipes)